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Fantastic even in Southernmost Patagonia

Great app !!!

I think that today, you’ll have plenty of download of your app. Kilian Jornet, the best ultra-trailer in the world, shared his iPhone app selection on Facebook and everybody discover he uses MotionX GPS for offline GPS/Map.

Great app / Super marche nickel !!

Voila tout est dans le titre, linterface est claire, ne plante pas, très complet. Manque juste le support du Français... no bug, rich interface. To the developers: guys, add multi-language support and it will be perfect :-)

Doent work with IOS 9 and more

I love the app but I cant you it for too long now as it crash just after launch on my iPhone 6 now on IOS 9.1. Awaiting the update!

Crash at start since last version...

No way to run it...since toi long. Iphone 5s, ios 8.1 Are you MotionX people going to do something ?

Very good

Can you add the altitude below the location on the map? Example: 3025´´ 4545´ 3234m

Perfeito! Me ajuda muito...

Very Nice! Perfect!

Gps Motion

Muito bom

Very good


MotionX great GPS tracking app

I tested many others GPS tracking apps. No one showed so reliable as MotionX. Great GPS app!

facebook share funktioniert nicht

facebook share funktioniert nicht

Facebook Share

Facebook Share funktioniert nicht.

Requirement for Integration into Apple Health

Dear Motionsx Team, I am Using Motionx GPS for years now and it was it was always working fine for me. Since I started to use Apple Health however, the requirement to get my MotionX GPS activity into Health gets stronger and stronger. Is this integration planned?

Not working with iOS9

Not working with iOS9, crashes on start, pls fix

Great app, but crashes with iOS9

Great app, but crashes with iOS9. Please fix.

Under iOS9 unusable

Since I updated to iOS9, the app crashes on startup, when bluetooth is turned on. Because I use a bt heart rate sensor it is right now useless for me. Also exporting the saved tracks via e-mail doesnt work. The app says the e-mail was sent, but I dont receive the e-mail. Therefor I cant recommend this app at all under iOS9.

No way!

Since the update of the latest version is it impossible to use the app offline! In case of no wifi get i the iOS offline notification and the app is closed at the same time. No way around. No chance to use my No1 navigation app.


The app crashes during start (iphone6, iOS 8). 100% unusable since last app update.

Geocachers helper

Very good for geocaching - I use it all the time with various functions. And I quite like the tracking function.


Mein bisher bestes GPS programm für off-Road Navigation.

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